Welcoming Bed and Breakfast in leafy London

This large, comfortable Victorian family house, is situated on Fox Hill in South London which descends from the Crystal Palace ridge. Fox Hill was immortalised by the French  painter, Camille Pissarro who painted the view up the hill in 1870, and this can be seen in the National Gallery. Crystal Palace is the highest spot in London, and the site of a vast glass building relocated here after the  Great Exhibition in Hyde Park of 1851.

The interesting and varied architecture around here dates from that time when the designers, engineers and craftsmen needed somewhere to live. At night it’s quiet and peaceful, occasionally the hooting of an owl breaks the stillness, woodpeckers go noisily about their business during the day. On cooler evenings the air is perfumed by our wood-burning stove whereas in summer the gentle splashing of the waterfall in the pond heralds a soothing end to the day.

We’ve been running our B&B in this house since falling in love with the area: particularly the clean air, open skies, huge variety of trees (the lungs of a city) and unique vantage point over London. The house is furnished with textiles, paintings, antique furniture and sculpture. The large comfortable beds are covered with quilts, some of them antique. The atmosphere is informal and guests are folded into the life of the house. We are happy to advise visitors to London how to make the most of their stay.

The garden has been designed with a large pond to attract wildlife.  Surrounded as we are by so many trees we have a lot of feathered visitors to our garden as well as squirrels and foxes. Jays, wrens, blackbirds, nuthatches, blue tits, long-tailed tits and great tits, herons and turtle doves  are some of our regular visitors.

Welcome to Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast